Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Im back.... Again

Yeah, yeah... Im back, AGAIN! It seems that it is my cycle to blog and disappear, blog and disappear. That cycle is like my weight loss journey as well... diet and stop, diet and stop! So yes, Im back again and that means that I am also back to watching what I eat and exercising. I havent had any huge eye opening moments to tell you all about or discovered any tricks or secrets, Im just ready to start eating more healthy and exercising again. Seems like I use that word alot... AGAIN!! I need to stop with that word and I also need to stop STOPPING!! I need to just continue whether I get frustrated or not, whether I am seeing results or not. Stop STOPPING!! So, thats my ramble for today but hey, at least I posted something. I WILL be back soon with pictures and actual weight updates ***Cringe***