Sunday, October 2, 2011

lol... Im Baaack!

Yes, yes I know... my last post stated that I was back to Weight Watchers, back to the gym etc. Well, life had other plans. It was an interesting summer personally for me, one which made me step back and take a long hard look at my life. I had some eye opening experiences to say the least... but anyway....

I also had months and months of one sickness after another. It would go in about 2 week cycles where I would get sick, feel icky, finally start feeling better, have about 5 days of feeling good and then I would be sick again. So, after an irritating sickness schedule I finally went to a doctor that decided the best thing was to have my tonsils out. It has been one week since surgery and though my throat is still very sore and I cant eat anything I am hoping that it will cure my sickness cycle.

So, thats why Im here.... my personal life finally feels a little under control, my sickness is hopefully taken care of and I have no more excuses to put things off any longer. I will say that I have maintained my weight at 160 all summer so that I am proud of!

I am excited to start my execise journey AGAIN! and to catch up with all of you! It will take time for me to get my energy back but Im ready to go!!!