Monday, December 30, 2013

Day One Begins.... NOW!

Wow, its been well over a year since I have posted anything on this blog and what a year it has been! Life got a hold of me for a while and many things were put on the back burner. In the past year I have been separated from my husband of 13 years, filed for divorce, went through an 8 month messy divorce process, started dating, met an amazing guy, finally got divorced and got re-married. So needless to say, I have been busy! My new husband and I were married in July and I now have 2 step-sons along with my two kids. Its been quite an adjustment.

Pertaining to my weight loss... it wasn't on my priority list. I lost a ton of weight on the divorce diet but it wasn't healthy. I was living on cherry coke mostly. I was tired all the time and I noticed that where I had lost the weight I was flabby. I have since gained some (not all) of that weight back but I'm ready to do it the healthy way. Now that my life has settled down significantly I feel like I'm ready to focus on me.

Yes, many people wait until after the new year to start their weight loss plan but I decided that I may as well start today. I have been eating like CRAP for the past month so I'm starting slow this week. I'm going to cut back on the soda and the sweets and cut my portions back as well. My plan for this go around is to use My Fitness Pal and count calories. I'm also going to start lifting more weights than I have in the past. And I'm going to blog the whole thing right here!

Day One Begins.... NOW!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Yeah right....

Its Monday and this is what I should have done this morning! But instead I hit snooze and slept for another hour. Bad, bad! On the plus side, its only 10 am and Ive guzzled 16 oz. of water. Hey, I have to look at the small victories people :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Isnt this the truth! I hate that I cant trick my body into thinking that peanut M&M's are healthy because they have protein in them :) Oh man! I guess I better start tracking again. Even though its a pain it works.

So, an update on me... I actually rolled out of bed this morning and exercised. It was only for 30 minutes but I did it and I feel SO much better. I did stop at McDonalds on my way to work and grabbed an egg mcmuffin (300 calories) but I am tracking so I will have to eat well the rest of the day. I figure that an egg mcmuffin is better than the chocolate on chocolate donut that I really wanted so Im counting that as a success!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I want to wear this...

Scary thought! Summer will be here before I know it. Have I lost any of the weight that I said I was going to lose?... No! Have I toned anything that I said I was going to tone?... No! I want to be able to wear this darling outfit when the warm weather arrives and I an nowhere near ready.

Now, Im not going to get down on myself for not accomplishing any of the goals that I have set for myself, all I can do is start again and keep trying. So thats what I am going to do. Keep trying! One day I will get there. I have to look at the positives here... I have maintained the weight loss from before so Im not starting completely over and I know I can do this I just need to find my motivation.

So, here are my new goals!

1. I want to exercise at least 4 times a week for an hour (weights and cardio alternating)

2. I want to lose 5 pounds by March 10th.

Thats it! Those are my goals. Now I just need to do it!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

lol... Im Baaack!

Yes, yes I know... my last post stated that I was back to Weight Watchers, back to the gym etc. Well, life had other plans. It was an interesting summer personally for me, one which made me step back and take a long hard look at my life. I had some eye opening experiences to say the least... but anyway....

I also had months and months of one sickness after another. It would go in about 2 week cycles where I would get sick, feel icky, finally start feeling better, have about 5 days of feeling good and then I would be sick again. So, after an irritating sickness schedule I finally went to a doctor that decided the best thing was to have my tonsils out. It has been one week since surgery and though my throat is still very sore and I cant eat anything I am hoping that it will cure my sickness cycle.

So, thats why Im here.... my personal life finally feels a little under control, my sickness is hopefully taken care of and I have no more excuses to put things off any longer. I will say that I have maintained my weight at 160 all summer so that I am proud of!

I am excited to start my execise journey AGAIN! and to catch up with all of you! It will take time for me to get my energy back but Im ready to go!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I have been bad..., so, so bad!

Its a habit I have. I am going along fairly nicely, eating well, exercising and then WHAM! All of a sudden I stop. And not just stop one thing, I stop them all... no exercising, no Weight Watchers, nothin! I also stop blogging as you can tell :)

Well, this little set back has not lasted as long as some. I sucked it up, went to Weight Watchers this morning to see what the damage was (+3) and met my trainer at the gym this afternoon. I am determined to get back on track. Summer is just right around the corner people! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weigh In

In my last post I was so worried that I wouldnt be able to stay within my daily points and not use ANY bonus points (since I didnt have any left). Well, I did it! I stayed within my points for 2 days and when I pulled up here I felt really good.Staying in my points and tracking paid off. I lost 1.6 pounds!! Yay me!
This week I will continue to track my points and I will also kick up my exercise so hopefully next week I can have a loss as well. I also wanted to thank you all for your encouraging words!