Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fear Number Two...

Ok people, this is a big day. The day that I conquer one of my biggest fears! I have NEVER liked telling people what I weighed even when I was at my thinnest so for me to post my weight on here for all to see is a huge step in the right direction. I have come to the realization that I need to stop hiding from my weight. After all, it is just a number (one that I pay WAY too much attention to) but a number just the same. I need to focus on how I am feeling, how my clothes fit etc. Not the number on the scale. So, Im going to try! Here we go...

My weight as of this morning- 165 pounds
Goal Weight- 135 pounds

30 pounds to go!!


  1. Don't focus on the number, I don't weight myself since september (I think) because I'm afraid, but I'm comitted to a healthy lifestyle and I do my Turbo Fire workout and my clothes are fitting better.
    So don't worry, because if you gain muscle you gain weight but it's more healthy than fat :)

  2. Thanks Helena. I need to be sure to remember that its not the number that matters but the way I feel.

  3. Its not about the number, but its also hard to not be a slave to the dang scale!

  4. Your doing great, and you can really see a differnce in your prior post!! I agree with everybody else too, it really is about how you feel :)