Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to eat an elephant?

Have you ever heard the quote "How do you eat an elephant? ... One bite at a time"

I heard that tonight and it really hit home. I have been feeling rather frustrated with my weight loss recently and when I heard this I had to remind myself that just like I cant eat an elephant in one bite, I cant lose all the weight I want in one day or one week, or even one month. Its going to take time. I am going to have setbacks. I am going to have to work for it (even though I dont want to sometimes).

I also need to remember to focus on MY elephant and not someone elses. We all have things we are working towards and even though someone may seem perfect, they are not. They have problems too. Its sometimes hard to remember that when you're at the gym and the skinny b$%#'s on the treadmill next to you are complaining about having to buy a size 7 pants! Thats when I have to chant "everyone has problems, everyone has problems" :)

This post was more for me than for anyone else, I just had to vent and remind myself to eat my elephant one bite at a time.Although, It wouldn't hurt if my elephant lost some weight so I had a smaller elephant to eat :)


  1. This is awesome, Krista! Such a good reminder for ALL of us! :)

  2. Wonderful reminder for us all! It is so hard not to compare, when comparing just makes us want to give up. Keep up the good work!