Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Update

Well, here is how my week has gone. I still have 2 days until weigh in and my points start over and I have ZERO bonus points left. I splurged a little when we went out for Valentines Day yesterday. The good news is that I didnt go OVER my allotted points. Now I just have to eat really well the next two days.

I was reading this magazine today (Muscle and Fitness Hers). Now these types of magazines inspire me for some reason. I love looking at the pictures and seeing the workouts the pros do. Do these magazines inspire you or discourage you?

One of the ads in this magazine inspired me... I loved what it said and I hope to be there someday soon. Here's what the ad said....

My body is like a canvas

Motivation is my brush
I control every curve
and make no excuses
I turn heads
and hold my head high
I have no bad angles
I am confident in every light
I break limitations
Quitting is not an option


  1. Great blog! I'm contemplating trying WW AGAIN myself! How do you like the new plan?

  2. Hang in there for the next two can do it.
    I cant wait for the Oxygen magazine I subscribed to, to arrive!!
    WE don't get that magazine here in Germany....

  3. I am sure you made it and had a great weigh in!!

    I really like testimonies. Love to hear how people set goals and hit them. Very inspiring!

    Keep focused!