Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet the Newest Weight Watchers Member

Ok, I did it... I gave in and joined Weight Watchers, AGAIN! I am rather excited about this new plan. I think its important that carbs are taken into calculation and because I am a carb addict I am hoping that watching my carbs will help my weight loss. I am also excited that fruits are zero points.

Today was my first day counting points and I did so good! I stayed right within my points and didnt use any of my bonus points. I drank all my water and got in all my dairy. I need to work on adding more fruits and veggies but I stopped at the grocery store and stocked up so I think I will do better tomorrow.

I attached a picture of me today on my way to the gym. I made a few small notes of the things I am hoping to change with Weight Watchers and my exercise program. My 5% goal is 8 pounds. I would like to have that lost by March 1st. So, here we go!


  1. I so hope that WW works for you! It has for a lot of people! Do you read My Bizzy Kitchen? If not, google it, she is an awesome blogger who is now doing WW and she blogs about wonderful food! I wish you well!

  2. YAY for joining WW! You are looking great BTW!!

  3. Congrats! for joining WW! You are on your way gurl!!

  4. Little bit of * advice * ~ The WW new plan has been out in Europe for over a year now and I did it when it came out as was on the old one and lost all my weight, so was wanting to maintain with the new program...I GAINED...
    Fruit is full of sugar so be careful with how much you eat, and stay away from grapes and banana's or only have once a 3 fruits only a day....and lots lots lots of veggies,am interested to see how you found this plan.