Friday, June 12, 2009

Jogging = Time to Think

While I was jogging this morning I started out with a really not-s0-good attitude. I was concentrating on my foot being bruised, the pain in my side, how much I dislike running, I need new shoes, there are so many other things I can be doing with this time etc, etc, etc! I was thinking about all of the negative things about running.

I starting looking around and noticed how blue the sky was. There was a nice breeze blowing the scent of flowers my way.... the sun was shining and I immediately realized that there are so many good things about jogging. Not only is it healthy for me but the fact that I am actually healthy enough to jog shouldnt be taken for granted. My attitude soon changed and I actually ended up enjoying my jog. I also ran further and longer than I had originally intended to.

So there is todays thought; Dont take for granted what your body can do! Instead, get out and enjoy it!!

Udate: I have now been counting points for 5 days and I have only used 3 of my bonus points. I am finding that my cravings are less and I am actually wanting fruits and veggies. Weird! I did weights last night with my hubby, we focused on arms, and by the end my arms were SO tired. Thats a good thing right :) Still no side effects with Alli which I think is great because I have heard horror stories. I think the possibility of side effects are scaring the crap out of me so I am sticking to my plan better than usual. Hey... whatever works!

I am a little concerned about the upcoming weekend since that is when I tend to blow it! I am determined to stick to my points and not let my hard work this week go to waste!! Wish me luck!! -Krista

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  1. I actually started weight watchers this Tuesday and honestly exercise is the bane of my existence, but it's weird I noticed the exact same thing when I was out walking today.

    Now that I'm home I'm a little bit negative about how sore I am from doing weights yesterday, but I did enjoy the walk today.