Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Family Tree

First, let me do an update about my day yesterday. I did GOOD!!

I stayed within my WW points, I drank all my water and I exercised for 30 minutes. I need to step up my exercise program but I am nursing a hurt foot so that will come with time.

I took my Alli pills and so far no side effects (knock on wood:) So I am hoping that today will be just as good as yesterday.

Now for todays topic... Recently I have been thinking about my family and the hereditary things that may be passed down to me. Let me tell you- its NOT good news! Here's a breakdown:

Diabetes: Mother, Aunt, Maternal Grandfather

Cancer: Brother, Paternal Grandfather

Heart Problems: Father, Maternal Grandmother

Kidney Problems: Maternal Grandmother (she is on dialysis)

Memory Loss: Paternal Grandmother

Obesity: Very common on BOTH sides of the family!

Wow! when you actually write it down its even more scary than just thinking about it. I have terrible genes being passed to me from both sides. Right now I am healthy but I know that if I dont change my eating habits and lose the weight NOW that I will most likely inherit several of these things. SCARY!!

So there is something to think about... what can be passed down to you??

Yesterday I forgot to post my statistics so here they are and let me tell you- this takes ALL of my courage to post these on here but here we go (gasp)

My Statistics

Height- 5'4"

Start Weight- 170 lbs

Goal Weight- 145 lbs

Now on with the day!! -Krista


  1. Hi Krista! Good luck on the weight loss journey!!

  2. Ahh, your tree looks similar to mine. Def worth making changes to avoid those!

    Bravo for posting your stats. I have found it really helpful (although scary) to see my own in black & white every time I log in to my blog. Motivates me to make them smaller, for sure!

    Best wishes on your journey. It can be a bumpy road but the benefits are well worth it!

  3. ooh I should totally write out my family tree that way. Its scary! I will be checking in to see you are doing on your new journey!