Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keeping a Food Journal

Like I'm sure many of you have, I have heard over and over and OVER again how important it is to keep a food journal. You wouldnt think that this is a hard task but for me its like pulling teeth! I dont know why I have such a hard time with this... but I do.

So for the past couple of days I have been FORCING myself to write down EVERYTHING that I eat and I can tell you that I do eat alot better when I have to write it down. My goal this week is to journal my food EVERYDAY!! I think it will help me dramatically.

Now for my update on yesterday:

I used 3 of my Bonus Points but I just couldnt resist the tortilla chips that my husband brought home from our favorite restaurant but I didnt eat the entire bag so Im proud of myself!

I did not exercise at all yesterday which is terrible of me so today I really need to get a good workout in.

So far I think I have been doing really well especially compared to some of my other weight loss ventures. Off to work out- see ya tomorrow! -Krista


  1. I find it so hard to be consistent with food journaling! I'm always a few days off, a few days on... usually more on the OFF! Hehe. Good job! :)

  2. The hardest part for me is that I get obsessive about it.
    "Oh, I ate soemthing - I must log into Sparkpeople & log it...right this instant!"

    I'm trying to cut back to twice a day max. ;)

  3. I always end up ripping the pages out and destroying my food journals after a few binge episodes. I can't stand to look at it all. I'm getting better though and I'm trying to journal it before I eat so it makes me stop and think about it. It really does help.

  4. I so need to start doing this! Still have those last stubborn baby lbs. that won't budge!