Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Trip to The Old Spaghetti Factory

Last night was my first time eating out this week while REALLY counting points and being on Alli. I think I did really well considering that we went to one of my fave restaurants... The Old Spaghetti Factory!

First... I had salad (good) but I had regular dressing (bad) .
I only had ONE piece of bread (good). I had baked chicken (good) but it came with a side of spaghetti with mizithra cheese which I had half of (BAD). I ordered water instead of coke (good) but I had a few spoonfulls of ice cream for dessert (bad).

So I did WAY better than I usually would have since my meal usually consists of a loaf of bread, a large order of spaghetti w/mizithra cheese, extra dressing on the salad and a whole bowl of ice cream. I used 10 of my bonus points but I still have 23 bonus for the rest of the weekend. I think I am doing pretty well but we'll see what the scale has to say on Monday!!!-Krista


  1. What is being on Alli like?
    I've been nervous to try it.

    Do you think it helps that much in addition to the rest of the diet?

  2. Those are great changes! Eating out is hard and you should be proud that you made better choices than you normally would have. Good luck with WI :)

  3. Eating out is SO challenging - especially at a place like the Spaghetti Factory when you are so tempted to dive right into a place of enticing pasta.

    Sounds like a good time & you got to enjoy yourself versus feeling miserable but only having a salad. I think there has to be balance & you did a great job.

  4. Way to go having some control at the Spaghetti factory!! That would be a tough one! I usually stuff 2 of those loaves of bread in my face before the meal even gets there. lol.